We want to be part of the solution

The Bühelwirt has become an organic hotel. We want to be part of the solution. We asked ourselves: What exactly is our contribution to the protection of our habitat? What screws can we turn to make the impact of our hotel less harmful - or even beneficial? From now on, you can rely on us for 100% certified organic quality.

Organic Hotel in South Tyrol

Certified organic quality

In our organic hotel you can expect the best certified organic quality. This is checked twice a year by independent inspection bodies. So you can enjoy your stay with us with certainty and benefit from maximum transparency.

Green electricity

In our hotel we use 100% green electricity. Our electrical energy is generated with the power of water in the Alperia hydroelectric power plants in South Tyrol in an environmentally conscious, renewable way and without CO2 emissions.

CO2 balancing

Biohotels are industry-wide pioneers in the field of climate protection. Every two years, we have our carbon footprint recorded in order to constantly optimise ourselves. There is no other international hotel association in the world where you can stay with such low CO2 emissions

Certified organic and natural cosmetics

Whether in the bathroom or during a wellness treatment - we offer you certified organic and natural cosmetics that are subject to strict quality controls and whose manufacturers are committed to an environmentally friendly production and delivery process.


Fruit and vegetables from the home garden, products from the farmer next door and materials directly from the surrounding area - regionality and short transport routes are of particular importance to us.

Building Biology and Natural Materials

In our organic hotel, we attach great importance to natural room and hotel furnishings. Even with new buildings and renovations, we make sure that these are implemented in a building-friendly manner and with the best materials.

What exactly is our contribution to the protection of our habitat?