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We believe in friendships and partnerships.


Happy hens lay better eggs. Come and test our “happy eggs” at our richly laid breakfast table. Our delicious, fresh, organic eggs come from the idyllic Winklerhof farm in St. Peter. Trust us... Anybody would feel happy there!

Ameisberg 40

39030 St. Peter, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

South Tirol, Italy


We sincerely believe that the term “small is beautiful” was first coined at Bixner. You may not even notice this shop when walking by. Once inside, however, you’ll be surprised by the extensive product range. The Bixner store sells groceries, souvenirs, hardware, clothes, a fine cheese selection and many other items at a fair price.

St. Jakob, Gatter 37

39030 Ahrntal/Valle Aurina (BZ)

South Tirol, Italy


Moessmer Fabrics produce fine cloths based on a sustainable use of resources. They are experts for loden fabrics, which is why we buy all our loden materials from them. But we’re not their only clients. Moessmer is actually the oldest manufacturing company in the Pustertal Valley and supplies several famous fashion labels with their fabrics.

Via Walther von der Vogelweide 6

39031 Bruneck/Brunico

South Tirol, Italy


We are very close to Steinhauswirt – not only geographically. Just like Bühelwirt, this hotel thrives on tradition and hospitality. It is a time-honored South Tyrolean hotel full of character.

Krausbergstraße 89

39030 Ahrntal/Valle Aurina (BZ)

South Tirol, Italy


“We love nature and treat it with respect,” insists Michael, a staunch organic farmer living at an elevation of 1,070 meters (3,500 feet) in the Ahrntal Valley. Together with his family, he runs the resourceful Moserhof farm, which has over 100 dairy sheep. The milk is processed directly at the farm into various kinds of cheeses and yogurts. These products can be tasted at the little farm shop, along with some special freshly cooked meals.

Oberdorf 19

39030 Steinhaus, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

South Tirol, Italy

La Pedevillapfeilchen

La Pedevilla is a modern refuge built high up in the Dolomite Mountains. It was designed to be carefully integrated into its surroundings by Pedevilla Architects. La Pedevilla has served as a source of inspiration for the reconstruction of Bühelwirt. The building opens up to the valley and provides a breath-taking panoramic view of the mountains. The interior is very light. Only local materials were used for the interior design. La Pedevilla is managed with love and dedication by Caroline Willeit, Armin Pedevilla’s partner.

Str. Pliscia 13

39030 Enneberg/Marebbe (BZ)

South Tirol, Italy

Bureau Rabensteinerpfeilchen

Mike and Isabella Rabensteiner run a design office in Innsbruck. We share with them a love for clarity and simplicity in communication and design. The two passionate designers have a special feel for graphic design that comes across in all their work.

Leopoldstrasse 30

6020 Innsbruck



Sternbach Living combines a love for detail with an uncanny feel for the big picture. This makes them an ideal partner for any furniture and interior design needs. We gladly rely on our Sternbach experts with their trained eye and extensive knowledge.

Oberrargen 18b

39031 Bruneck/Brunico

South Tirol, Italy


What would a hotel in South Tyrol be without a perfect espresso? Thanks to Caroma Coffee Roaster’s expertise, we offer our guests more than just the Italian coffee classics. Caroma is our coffee sommelier and master roaster of choice, who travels far to supply us with superior coffee beans.

Handwerkerzone 92

39050 Völs am Schlern/Fie allo Sciliar

South Tirol, Italy


Trehs Natural Cosmetics uses the power of South Tyrolean herbs to manufacture lotions and oils. Our Bühelwirt guests can test and purchase these fine cosmetic products during their stay and take home a few bottles of unspoiled South Tyrolean herbal power.

Reinswald 87

39058 Sarntal/Sarentino

South Tirol, Italy


The Eggemoa cheese manufacturer in Mühlwald translates the typical features of our South Tyrolean nature into hearty, delicious cheeses. You’ll have to experience this unique taste for yourself. Why not indulge during a stay at Bühelwirt?

Hauptort 53

39030 Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini

South Tirol, Italy