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A fine selection of classic & special treatments

We are proud of our exquisite massage program. Based on your personal needs, we will pamper your body and soul with a treatment from our menu. Our massage therapist, will work her magic on you in our new massage room. Don’t miss this soul-soothing experience!




Unwind and recharge. Anti-stress massage

This special massage gently balances the reflex zones that are most stressed in everyday life. By treating your face, head, neck, hands and feet, we will release blockages and tension. Your entire system will feel refreshed and energized after this massage.

50 min 65 Euro


Wellness for your skin

treat yourself to a facial treatment and a relaxing head and neck massage to restore a healthy glow to your skin. Wel´ll start with a warm, cleansing facial compress that prepares the pores for the care that follows.

25 min 42 Euro


Herbal stamp massage

This relaxing massage uses little pouches filled with natural herbs which are warmed in oil and then placed on your body. The herbal stamps are moved over the body with motions of differing intensity, appropriate to the given body part.

50 min 75 Euro 


Honey massage

Honey massages have been in use for centuries in traditional Russian folk medicine. The help the body to rid itself of waste products but also serve to revitalize the body after periods of exhaustion caused by stress, unhealty lifestyles, or harmful enviromental conditions.

50 min 69 Euro 


Hiker´s massage

This is teh perfect treatment after a day of hiking or mountaineering. We´ll begin with a warming led massage with strenghening essences, which loosens and regenerates the muscles, so that the strains of the day are quickly forgotten.

25 min 39 Euro 


Intensive back massage with trigger point treatment

When your back is sore, working your trigger points can bring soothing relaxation and regeneration. Physical strain, biomechanical stress, posture issues and tension can lead to hard, sensitive muscle knots. In this relieving back massage, these knots are stretched, pressed and released.

50 min 67 Eur 


Foot reflex zone massage

The reflex zones of the feet reflect the body´s organs and muscle groups on the surface of the skin and subcutaneous layer. By applying specific pressure to certain zones, beneficial reactions can be elicited in the corresponding organs, muscles or tissues.

50 min 65 Euro


Lymph stimulating massage

This very gentle treatment activates the lymphatic system and removes accumulated tissue fluid by bringing it into flow. Fine pumping and stroking movements provide a feeling of lightness and deep relaxation.

25 min 39 Euro 

50 min 67 Euro 


Classic partial massage

this classic massage helps to relax your muscles and stimulates circulation. Depending upon your individual preferences, either your back, head & neck, or legs & feet are treated. Enjoy the wonderful feeling as your tensions disappear and your whole body lets go.

25 min 39 Euro 


Classic whole-body massage

Le us treat you to a massage from head to toe! Enjoy the wonderful sensation thoughout your body. This classic, healing whole-body massage strives to eliminate blockages and relieve muscle tensions, to energize your body, and to stimulate your circulation.

50 min 67 Euro


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