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A fine selection of classic & special treatments

We are proud of our exquisite massage program. Based on your personal needs, we will pamper your body and soul with a treatment from our menu. Our massage therapist, will work her magic on you in our new massage room. Don’t miss this soul-soothing experience!




Classic partial massage  

Depending upon your individual preferences, either your back, head and neck, or legs and feet are treated. This classic massage of the given body area helps relax muscles and stimulate circulation. Enjoy the wonderful feeling as your tensions disappear and your whole body relaxes.

25 min 37 Euro


Classic whole-body massage 

Let us treat you to a massage from head to toe! Enjoy the wonderful sensation throughout your body. This classic, salubrious whole-body massage strives to eliminate blockages and relieve muscle tensions, to energize your body, and to stimulate your circulation. The goal is to restore or maintain harmony throughout the body.

50 min 65 Euro


Herbal stamp massage 

This relaxing massage employs little pouches filled with natural herbs which are warmed in oil and then placed on the body. Depending upon the specific herbs chosen, the herbal stamp massage can have a relaxing and calming effect, or a stimulating and invigorating one. Muscle and tissue tensions can be relieved, your metabolism is boosted, waste products are flushed from your body, and the exfoliating effect purifies your skin. The herbal stamps are moved over the body: The massage employs motions of differing intensity, appropriate to the given body part. 

50 min 75 Euro 


Come and enjoy a „time-out“ with TREHS

The power of Nature for vitality and vigor – with a noticeable regenerative effect on muscles, joints, and tissues. This treatment relaxes your facial muscles and helps drain your legs. We begin with a relaxing foot bath. Your hands and face are prepared with hot compresses. You are then treated to a head massage with aromatic oils, focusing on the temples and face. The whole treatment is topped off with a relaxing massage of the feet and legs.

50 min 60 Euro 


Foot reflex zone massage  

The reflex zones of the feet reflect the body‘s organs and muscle groups on the surface of the skin and subcutaneous layer. By applying
pressure in a specific fashion to specific zones, beneficial reactions can be elicited in the corresponding organs, muscles, or tissues. The goal is to re-establish the body‘s natural balance and harmony and to activate its self-healing powers.

50 min 65 Euro 


Meridian massage

This treatment is based on the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to these teachings, the body‘s vital energy (which flows through each individual) reacts to organic disturbances. Thus, ailments are the result of blockages in the flow of energy. Using a special acupuncure massage stick, the attempt is made to recognize disturbances and blockages in the energy flow and to restore the normal energy flow. The goal is to stimulate and activate the body‘s own regulative system.

50 min 65 Eur 


TREHS sport treatment

This treatment is exactly right for before or after strenuous outdoor athletic activity! Using a special stretching technique and firm pressure, your muscles are made to relax. This massage serves to stimulate circulation. Through the use of cupping glasses enhances the effect. Finally, aromatic compresses are applied to promote relaxation and the treated body areas are moisturized. 

back or legs
50 min 65 Euro 


TREHS honey massage

Honey massages have been in use for centuries in traditional Russian folk medicine. They help the body to rid itself of waste products,
but also serve to revitalize the body after periods of exhaustion caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyles, or harmful environmental conditions. Warm honey is applied to the back and rubbed in using effective massage techniques. Calming and purifying warm compresses are then placed on to the back. Then, you will be treated to a relaxing back massage with a massage
oil of your choice. Finally, a rich body milk is rubbed in. 

Not recommended in the case of dense back hair
50 min 69 Euro 


Manual lymph drainage

MLD is a therapy to drain off excess lymphatic fluid. Gentle mechanical motion activates the lymphatic system and helps convey away accumulated tissue fluids. Lymph drainage is suitable especially for persons suffering from swellings or edema insofar as it improves regeneration and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In the case of migraines and headaches or similar complaints, lymph drainage can provide relief. If the subject is not suffering any complaints, lymph drainage can still have a positive effect by activating the immune system and stimulating digestion.

50 min 69 Euro


Elastic Taping

In elastic taping, self-adhesive cotton strips are placed on sore muscles or tissues to reduce pain and ease tensions and to lower the pressure in the tissues, skin, and musculature. It promotes good circulation and accelerates healing processes. Elastic taping is especially recommended as a supplement to classic whole-body or partial body massages, sport massages, or lymph drainage.

5–15 Euro | depending upon the size of the tape


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