100 % organic

100 % organic

For us, “eco” is a way of life. We live every day with an ecological mindset and a nature-loving heart. Our decisions are in tune with our environment. Your Bühelwirt experience will be 100% organic, 100% rooted in nature and 100% true.

It is very important to us to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Nevertheless, there remains a residual amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by our company's activities.


We have had these recorded and offset them by purchasing climate protection certificates.

We are climate neutral
Natural cosmetics
Zero Waste Cubes by Team Dr. Joseph in your hotel room. A small cube that cares for your skin and protects our planet. 0 % Plastic - 100 % Sustainable - 100 % Skin Health

We use 100% green electricity in our business. Our electrical energy is generated with the power of water in the Alperia hydroelectric power plants in South Tyrol in an environmentally conscious, renewable way and without CO2 emissions.

Green electricity

We have removed mineral and natural water bottles from the drinks order list and instead purchased a water filter system and reusable water bottles.



The best mountain water is filtered, biologically purified and thus freed from all dry residues. This way we avoid long transport routes and unnecessary waste.

Drinking water


We are thankful for having found our home in one of the most beautiful regions in the country. A place that still has pristine landscapes and untouched nature. We are inspired by the serene beauty that surrounds us every single day. We want to share this feeling with our guests. But not at any price. Because we believe that future generations should be entitled to the same privilege. That's why, for us, less is often more. Less glitter and glamor. More outdoor adventures, cherished moments, and time for yourself and your loved ones. Discover your personal luxury at Hotel Bühelwirt.