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Authentic taste

Grown in the South Tyrolean sun and rooted in the soil of the Ahrntal Valley, our region offers many delicious ingredients. We source all our produce locally from organic farmers and producers. Our ingredients are freshly picked and fully ripened. We make sure they land on your plate full of flavor – without industrial processing or a lot of food miles.

Authentic taste
Authentic taste
Bringing out natural aromas. Creating unique ensembles. Impressing our guests with natural, fresh and local ingredients. Surprising them with something special. This is our culinary mission.
Certified organic
As an eco-hotel, we undergo biannual independent audits. We also pay great attention to sourcing our products from suppliers that meet our high standards.
Herb garden
0 kilometers, 100 % aroma. Our herb garden is a fragrant oasis with delicious classics as well as some unusual varieties. They infuse our Bühelwirt cuisine with flavor and character.